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Crazy Chevy Caprice Runs Red and Makes Illegal Lane Changes

Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter   We have a backlog of submissions that we’re going to try to crank out over the next few weeks. Here’s a video submission we initially got back in December that exemplifies the classic aggressive and nonsensical driving we see all the time in this town: “Asshole runs a […]

Happy New Year – New 2016 California Driving Laws

Idiocy Meter    Asshole Meter     Happy New Year! The roads were blissful during the lull between Christmas and New Year’s, but alas our freeway holiday respite is over. What has arrived in full force are angry drivers who absolutely do not want to go back to work. Let’s be honest, who actually works […]

Wannabe Punk Viciously Tailgating and Weaving in Badass Solara

Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter      Oh, how quickly the holiday spirit fades from the hearts of L.A. drivers. Though it is absolutely heaven (comparatively speaking) to be driving in L.A. during the holiday season–what with a majority of jackasses going back to visit whatever holes they came out from–you undoubtedly get a taste of harsh […]

Drivers in Northern California Still Vastly Superior to Drivers in L.A.

Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Idiocy Meter      Asshole Meter       Yes, we’re still around, but we kept that last post up front and center for a couple weeks because it was not only well-written but also insightful. I’ve also been inundated with a slew of weddings, the most recent being up north in Sonoma. My […]

Inside the Mind of an Aggressive (and Sometimes Oblivious) Driver

I encourage everyone to voices their thoughts, opinions, rants to us here or by emailing them in. We got this honest, insightful, introspective email from a regular reader that is most certainly worth a read, regardless of where you live or where you’re from originally. I’m curious to hear about whether any of you have similar […]