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Inside the Mind of an Aggressive (and Sometimes Oblivious) Driver

I encourage everyone to voices their thoughts, opinions, rants to us here or by emailing them in. We got this honest, insightful, introspective email from a regular reader that is most certainly worth a read, regardless of where you live or where you’re from originally. I’m curious to hear about whether any of you have similar […]

Eight Days in New York, Back in the City of Angels

Idiocy Meter      Asshole Meter       It was great spending Thanksgiving back in my hometown of New York. My wife and I survived navigating our two kids through city streets, up and down subway stairs, and protecting them from frostbit fingers for 8 days. The kids loved seeing the sites, visiting old friends and family, […]

A Solution for L.A. Can’t Park

Imagine an end to endless cruising around parking lots for a parking space. No more drivers going against traffic in an attempt to snag a parking space. No more drivers dinging your doors when they get in their own cars. AutoParkIt is the first fully automated parking facility that is making it’s debut in–where else?–Los […]

2012 Voter Election Guide for Los Angeles, California

Our right to vote and have our voices heard is one of the greatest aspects of our democracy. Each and every one of us of voting age should exercise this right on November 6. Even though the Obama/Biden ticket is essentially guaranteed to win California, there are many state and local measures that require your […]

Cracking Part of the Puzzle Regarding L.A. Night Blindness

Idiocy Meter Asshole Meter   I literally came to a realization just today, and I feel ridiculous about how I never came to this conclusion sooner. Ever since I started this blog back in 2006, I never could understand the L.A. tendency of driving around at night without headlights on. It absolutely boggled my mind […]