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Apathetic Dumbasses Either Ignore or Are Ignorant of the Law

Idiocy Meter      Asshole Meter       I just love how if you’re completely clueless and oblivious of others around you in Los Angeles, it’s still the other driver’s fault for honking at you. I’ve been encountering a crap load of this selfish, self-entitled behavior recently….people checking out at red lights that turn green, drivers looking […]

Half the L.A. Drivers Drove in the Rain Without Their Lights On

Idiocy Meter      Asshole Meter       Remember the day of heavy rain we had last week? Tell me something, how hard is it for Los Angeles drivers to get it through their thick skulls that they need to manually turn their headlights on when the sky starts pissing on their windshield? The picture of this Nissan […]

Road Raging Native in Range Rover Rides on Opposite Side of Street

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   My wife was born and raised in Los Angeles, so she is still teaching me shortcuts of how to get between the Valley and the West Side while bypassing traffic. Unfortunately, a lot of these routes are frequented by a high density of assholish natives who seem to view […]

Psycho Brunette in Mini Cooper S Nearly Hits Pedestrian in Parking Lot

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   Rain in L.A. always draws out the more clueless, oblivious drivers on our streets. Rain also tends to make people late to where they need to be, either because of accidents or people not allotting enough time to get to where they need to go in slower traffic. But […]

Lady in Toyota Uses Right-Turn-Only Lane as a Passing Lane

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   What’s a smart thing to do at night when it’s raining? How about use a right-turn-only lane as a passing lane and cut in front of another driver without signaling? That’s precisely what this clueless woman was doing in her Toyota (license plate 6NUE) while going west on Magnolia […]