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Stubborn Ignorance of Yielding to Pedestrians and Oncoming Traffic

Idiocy Meter    Asshole Meter    Wow does time fly, serious apologies for not updating the site with new submissions. Here’s one we got a few months ago via text message: “This guy. Takes a quick left in front of oncoming traffic, instead of yielding, and then brakes in front of oncoming traffic because he […]

Clueless Aggressive Leapfrogging Pickup Passes on Freeway Shoulder

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   This submission from one of our regular contributors who owns a kick-ass dash cam shows classic, senseless Los Angeles leapfrogging behavior. Late to work one day because of a slowdown on the freeway? You can likely blame assholes like this moron driving a pickup. “You know that’s not a […]

Crazy Chevy Caprice Runs Red and Makes Illegal Lane Changes

Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter   We have a backlog of submissions that we’re going to try to crank out over the next few weeks. Here’s a video submission we initially got back in December that exemplifies the classic aggressive and nonsensical driving we see all the time in this town: “Asshole runs a […]

Dumbass Entitled Lady in Mercedes Tries to Force a Crash

Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter   Do you know why luxury drivers have a bad rap, other than the fact that they rarely signal? Because of the self-entitled, arrogant attitudes like the bitch driving this courtesy vehicle was displaying on Ventura a couple weeks ago in Sherman Oaks (by Willis Ave.). For many, driving […]

Weaving Transplant from Illinois Blatantly Runs Red Light

Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter      Here’s a point for the native Angelenos, though they are getting fewer by the month. Here’s a jackass transplant from Illinois who just ran a red light at Vesper on Burbank Blvd. in Sherman Oaks going east for no reason whatsoever. I kid you not, we were stopped at the red […]