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Clueless Aggressive Leapfrogging Pickup Passes on Freeway Shoulder

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   This submission from one of our regular contributors who owns a kick-ass dash cam shows classic, senseless Los Angeles leapfrogging behavior. Late to work one day because of a slowdown on the freeway? You can likely blame assholes like this moron driving a pickup. “You know that’s not a […]

Crazy Speeding Jackass in Toyota Corolla

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   All too often I encounter some weaving, speeding jackass on the road and say to myself that I wish I had a dashboard cam to capture this crap in action. Thankfully, one of our readers and regular contributors did the leg work for us and sent this submission: “This […]

Happy New Year, Happy Old Habits

Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter      You get about 3 weeks of comparatively blissful driving in Los Angeles from the end of the year to about a week after New Year’s before all the assholes and delusional morons come back in spades to frack everything up all over again. Take for […]

Wannabe Punk Viciously Tailgating and Weaving in Badass Solara

Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter      Oh, how quickly the holiday spirit fades from the hearts of L.A. drivers. Though it is absolutely heaven (comparatively speaking) to be driving in L.A. during the holiday season–what with a majority of jackasses going back to visit whatever holes they came out from–you undoubtedly get a taste of harsh […]

Inside the Mind of an Aggressive (and Sometimes Oblivious) Driver

I encourage everyone to voices their thoughts, opinions, rants to us here or by emailing them in. We got this honest, insightful, introspective email from a regular reader that is most certainly worth a read, regardless of where you live or where you’re from originally. I’m curious to hear about whether any of you have similar […]