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Weaving Transplant from Illinois Blatantly Runs Red Light

Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter      Here’s a point for the native Angelenos, though they are getting fewer by the month. Here’s a jackass transplant from Illinois who just ran a red light at Vesper on Burbank Blvd. in Sherman Oaks going east for no reason whatsoever. I kid you not, we were stopped at the red […]

Inside the Mind of an Aggressive (and Sometimes Oblivious) Driver

I encourage everyone to voices their thoughts, opinions, rants to us here or by emailing them in. We got this honest, insightful, introspective email from a regular reader that is most certainly worth a read, regardless of where you live or where you’re from originally. I’m curious to hear about whether any of you have similar […]

Do as I Say, Not as I Do

Idiocy Meter      Asshole Meter     Do you know what really irks me? Seeing cops ticket people for jaywalking when there weren’t any cars around, yet also seeing these very cops commit moving violations in their vehicles, like not signaling, weaving and tailgating when there’s no emergency, etc. Seriously, what is a bigger threat to […]

Clueless Soon-to-Be Senior in Mercedes C280

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   This borderline senior citizen is well on his way to becoming another clueless member of our blue-haired commuter society. I was going east on Burbank Blvd. around Valley Village when this old guy in his white Mercedes C280 (license plate 6ZJT) didn’t signal, checked his mirrors, nor checked his […]

Stereotypical Aspiring Actress Transplant Texting and Driving

Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Idiocy Meter     Asshole Meter I was driving around my old stomping grounds down Highland heading for a meeting when I came across this stereotypical blonde L.A. transplant in her 20s in a Kia Spectra5 with Wisconsin vanity plates. Can you say “aspiring actress” faster than she can brake when […]