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Inside the Mind of an Aggressive (and Sometimes Oblivious) Driver

I encourage everyone to voices their thoughts, opinions, rants to us here or by emailing them in. We got this honest, insightful, introspective email from a regular reader that is most certainly worth a read, regardless of where you live or where you’re from originally. I’m curious to hear about whether any of you have similar […]

Trophy Wife in Mercedes Yapping in Cell Almost Hits Pedestrian

Idiocy Meter      Asshole Meter       When I first moved to L.A., I was bartending at Cut in Beverly Hills, and let me tell you that I absolutely do not miss driving around this area. I pretty much avoid the self-entitled, aggressive fuc*tards cruising around here unless I have a meeting or am coming from […]

Distracted Aggressive Tailgater in VW Jetta on Sunset

Idiocy Meter      Asshole Meter       The first car we bought after we moved out here was a Volkswagen Jetta. It handled nicely, and my wife loved the car…that is until we started getting electrical problems three years later (so typical of so many German cars, aside from Mercedes). It didn’t take long for us […]

Clueless, Lane-Splitting, Texting Georgian Transplant in VW Cabrio

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   If you want more proof that there’s something magnetic about this town that attracts all the egocentric, delusional dregs of society with unrealistic views of stardom, look no further than the young wannabe starlet in this VW Cabrio from Georgia (license plate BC6). She acted as if she was […]

Texting, Non-Signaling, Red-Light-Running Moron in Ford Utility Truck

Idiocy Meter   Asshole Meter   I wasn’t able to get a clear shot of this texting dipsh*t’s license plate because his fracked up bumper and trailer hitch locking pin blocked some of the letters. However, if you happen to know this punk in his late 20’s with short brown hair or use his services […]