L.A. Can't Drive » Applying Makeup While Moving in Rush Hour Freeway Traffic

Applying Makeup While Moving in Rush Hour Freeway Traffic

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Summer is over, at least when it pertains to kids going back to school. So as the roads get more congested, watch out for oblivious drivers like this brunette in her new BMW 428i on the eastbound 134 Fwy near Forest Lawn. We snapped this photo during rush hour. Let me ask you this: What better time is there to put on mascara then during unpredictable stop and go traffic? Yes, you see her brake lights lit in this photo, but make no mistake she was definitely focused on making perfect lashes staring into her visor mirror while her car was still moving forward. Seriously, WTF people? Is it so much harder to budget 5 more minutes in the morning so that you can do this shit before you leave the house? And I’m sure her “incognito” unplated vehicle gave her a sense of temporary anonymity from any repercussions for her actions, though a fender bender and black smudges on her eyeball would probably be enough to hike up her insurance premiums. #scratchedcornea

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