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Stubborn Ignorance of Yielding to Pedestrians and Oncoming Traffic

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Wow does time fly, serious apologies for not updating the site with new submissions. Here’s one we got a few months ago via text message:

“This guy. Takes a quick left in front of oncoming traffic, instead of yielding, and then brakes in front of oncoming traffic because he didn’t see the pedestrians in his way. So, oncoming traffic has to slam on their brakes and slide, nearly striking the driver, who manages to get out of the way before an impact. In other words, this driver failed to yield to oncoming traffic and nearly caused a very bad accident.

When I approached the driver after he parked, he took ZERO responsibility. In other words, he didn’t understand he was supposed to yield to oncoming traffic. Sadly, I’m not even sure he understood what the word yield means. His excuse for making an illegal turn was to try to blame it on me. He didn’t understand that regardless of what speed you think a driver is or isn’t going, the law requires that you yield.

It’s sad that we are giving people driver’s licenses who don’t understand the law. Clearly, this guy didn’t. He didn’t get that he would be “at fault.” He just blamed it on someone else like it’s a personal issue versus a public safety and a legal one. Hey buddy, thanks for making car insurance in LA outrageous.”

I’ve had similar instances recently. Just yesterday, some douche in a Lincoln tried to lane split the right lane going eastbound on Burbank Blvd. approaching Van Nuys. The turn lane doesn’t appear until much farther down the road, but this impatient moron didn’t want to wait for rush hour traffic to move ahead and opted to squeeze his sedan between commuters and cars parked along the curb. He then had the audacity to honk at drivers who were signaling and legally proceeding to change lanes to enter the turn lane when it finally appeared.

Now the driver of the above photo likely knew he was wrong, but sometimes assholes like this will stubbornly defend their behavior against all sense of reason whenever confronted. (Ahem, Donald Trump.) Some primeval instinct takes over, and he probably thought that the submitter was challenging his manhood in some asinine way. But if ignorance really was the cause for much of this behavior, having drivers randomly selected every 6+ years for required driving tests and written exams in order to get their licenses renewed could help curb this problem.

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