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Jackhole in Company Van Leapfrogs by Driving into Opposing Traffic

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Here’s a brilliant idea to think about. If you own a business and advertise it on your vehicle, don’t break the law while driving it! Common sense right? Not so for the stereotypical horrible Angeleno driver…more like college level statistics in terms of comprehension difficulty. This moron in a green company van (couldn’t get a good look at the plates) was driving in afternoon rush hour traffic in Brentwood coming up either Westgate or Granville toward Sunset Blvd. Instead of patiently waiting behind other drivers waiting their turn to merge onto Sunset to go East toward the 405 Fwy, this jackass felt completely entitled to go into opposing traffic, zip past the line of cars in front of him, and block the intersection that clearly states to KEEP CLEAR. The fact that he didn’t signal is just an obvious assumption at this point. You think fu*kheads like this give a damn about signaling if they will risk head-on collisions and commit about 3 moving violations in a span of a few hundred feet just to get stuck once again in rush hour traffic? The ridiculous thing about this is that most drivers taking this route will allow waiting cars at side streets to merge in front of them one at a time…basic zippering through stop and go traffic. Then you have arrogant pricks like this fool who muck everything up, making the roads more unsafe and fellow drivers more peeved. The lettering on the side of the van says “share your emotions”. Here’ s one: you’re an asshole.

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  1. Well buddy, you know what to do right? You have the phone number. Call and harass these people day and night and let them know what a crappy bad driver the guy is. Tell on him and say he was drunk or wasted.

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