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Purr-fectly Distracted Toyota Rav4 Driver

Toyota Rav4 5YPD
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As the late Bill Compton once said, puns were the highest form of humor back in his day. Today they’re corny, but I just couldn’t help myself. A couple weeks ago as we were driving along the 134 Fwy E between Glendale and Pasadena when we noticed a white Toyota Rav4 (license plate 5YPD) driving in the #2 lane at a good 20 mph slower than surrounding traffic. So we figured here’s another oblivious LA driver who’s probably checking her social media on her phone and is oblivious to cars passing her from both sides. Instead, we encountered this lady clutching her cat like Mr. Bigglesworth. If that’s not considered distracted driving, then I’m a Chinese dude with chest hair. Seriously, why are people in this town still doing stupid sh*t like this on the road–and on the freeway, no less? Bond with your animal on the couch in your home. Not in the driver’s seat of your vehicle. Oh, and wanna know what kind of damages she could be looking at if her cat somehow suddenly swats at a bug flying the in car, scratching her face, causing her to careen into multiple vehicles at high speed? How about $1 million dollars…..muwahahaha! Why not full marks for idiocy? Well, a certain girly-man governor vetoed a bill in 2008 that would have made it illegal to drive in California with a pet on your lap. How he possibly could have thought that was infringement on individual rights is beyond me.

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