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Clueless Aggressive Leapfrogging Pickup Passes on Freeway Shoulder

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This submission from one of our regular contributors who owns a kick-ass dash cam shows classic, senseless Los Angeles leapfrogging behavior. Late to work one day because of a slowdown on the freeway? You can likely blame assholes like this moron driving a pickup.

“You know that’s not a lane, right dummy? Notice that solid white line? Yeah, that’s the shoulder and you’re not supposed to use it as a passing lane to gain a one-car advantage. You also need to get your signal lamps checked and repaired because they don’t work. If he wanted to pass, he could have at least accelerated as soon as he switched lanes. This took place on the 71 freeway in Pomona. The driver continued to weave in and out of lanes up ahead, of course without ever signaling. I cut it short because it was barely noticeable on camera.”

Nothing the pickup driver did in this video makes sense. None of it. Yet our roads are filled with asinine drivers like this who driving around like they’re in some friggen video game. These people are so clueless that I bet they would flunk a mandatory driving test if one were to be given by the DMV as a requirement for a driver’s license renewal.

It is important to note however that the driver he passed acted defensively. Note the brake lights? The driver slowed down to let this dickhead in from off the shoulder. Why some of you may ask? It’s never worth your life to teach jackasses a lesson. Protect yourself and your loved ones and let Karma do the work.

3 Responses to “Clueless Aggressive Leapfrogging Pickup Passes on Freeway Shoulder”

  1. I think LA has better drivers then Hampton Roads, VA. This example here is because out here that lane is open during rush hours and maybe that person is a transplant. Being from SoCal I have had more road rage anger out here that I rarely go out. In one day I was almost killed 5x, and I was following the rules. They drive over double yellow, split lane drive, never let you merge, stop to go on freeway, it is horrible. I will take LA traffic any day over the hell if Norfolk, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, etc.

  2. I am from West Virginia and there is nothing like a liquored up hillybilly who stampedes his way through town and cuts you off with his rusty old truck, swigging from a bottle of Mountain Dew as his 12 dirty children screaming and playing in the bed of the truck.

    However I still think even the drunk, oxycontin snorting imbred yokes of West Virginia are better drivers than Angelenos.

  3. Kathy, that’s funny. I know a dashcammer who uploads videos from Hampton Roads. I don’t know that LA drivers are any better, but I can see what you mean judging by his videos. Here is a link to the channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsqbmHSL_bk319RiXAV-Ejg

    Speaking of which, I would really suggest I-95 U-405 get a dashcam and start an LA Can’t Drive YouTube channel. I would really love to see that!

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