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Dumbass Entitled Lady in Mercedes Tries to Force a Crash

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Do you know why luxury drivers have a bad rap, other than the fact that they rarely signal? Because of the self-entitled, arrogant attitudes like the bitch driving this courtesy vehicle was displaying on Ventura a couple weeks ago in Sherman Oaks (by Willis Ave.). For many, driving a courtesy vehicle is like driving a new car with no plates, giving assholes the license to drive with abandon and reckless anonymity. This lady in her 50s may look like a former debutante and graduate of a finishing school with her perfect posture and attire dressed to the 9s, but her demeanor was totally low-class bush league behavior.

We first encountered her while signaling to enter the left lane from the right with plenty of clearance. This lady who well behind us opted to step on, rather than ease off, the accelerator and honked as we finished our lane change. That’s when I noticed she was yet another Mercedes driver who not only likely rarely signals but also doesn’t respect other signaling drivers. She then proceeded to steer her car into the right lane, pull up next to us, and then glare and lecture at us about looking with our eyes to see where we are going. I was sitting in the passenger seat and found it rather ironic that this myopic hag was lecturing us while our cars were moving instead of staring at the road in front of her. Maybe she didn’t purposely accelerate to cut us off earlier but drove with the myopic tunnel vision that plagues so many drivers in this town. (Check surrounding traffic? Check mirrors and blind spots? Huh? What?) Needless to say, she didn’t appreciate me opening and closing my fingers telling her to look out for signaling drivers, especially those that had plenty of clearance to merge into “her” lane. Consequently, what did she proceed to do next? She stepped on the gas, jerked her vehicle in front of us, narrowly missing our bumper (not signaling of course), and slammed on her brakes, trying to get us to collide into her courtesy vehicle. Yeah…I’m sure the dealership would appreciate that, your royal asswipe.

Anyway, full marks for bad karma for this lady. Maybe she snapped out of her menopausal rage when she saw me take her picture and get on the phone to locate the dealership that owned this vehicle, because she was crawling on the road afterwards. Start a blog lady if you have aggression issues. Money doesn’t command respect, either…you need to earn it, and you got a long way to go on that front.

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  1. What a cunt!! I love this website, by the way… you sum up my same frustrations driving in this city with so many spoiled, entitled cretins on the road. If I were governor, I’d pass a law that says you can only drive as fast as your IQ. Most of these asswipes wouldn’t be able to drive on the freeway!

  2. Money, my ass. This Mercedes is priced in the low-mid $30K range. If she feels like hot shit in this entry-level Mercedes, I’d bet her own is of equal or lesser value.

  3. Last year I was on the freeway making my way to the right exit lanes. At the last minute, one of those by-the-hour rental cars signaled from the center lane and changed lanes to RIGHT in front of me in one fell swoop. Of course this meant I was instantly right at the back bumper of this clueless moron. Then there was another lane on the right that is also an entrance lane. The rental stayed left, and I started to take the right lane that was opening up as the road got wider–I had full rights to change into the lane. I did not jump the gun on the car and cut it off. The rental suddenly realized it needed that lane, too. So a second time, the rental signaled and at the SAME TIME got in front of me. It made me an instant tailgater a second time. And like the first time, I backed off.

    At the end of the descending off ramp we came to a light. We waited. The rental made the right-on-red that is normal. Then I did. Then we waited at the next light to go left. Me behind the rental. All normal. All safe, sane distances. Then we turned at the arrow. All normal. I took the left city lane, the rental took the right city lane, which was slightly ahead of me. But before the rental pulled all the way up, I noticed it paused next to me. I paid no attention. Then it pulled up ahead. After a moment, I looked over to see the moron poking her camera phone out the window to take a shot of my front plate.


    Then she made the right turn.

    What a clueless moron. I realized afterward that when she was next to me, she was probably taking my picture. She was probably also trying to get my attention so that I will look directly at her so she can take a real good shot of my face (and probably post it on the internet with a lie story about what happened.)

    I notice that a lot of people in SoCal who complain about tailgaters are not telling the truth. They jump right out in front of you and because they weren’t paying attention to where all the game pieces on the board were, they act like YOU came out of nowhere and then treat you like an aggressive tailgater.

    Sick of this place. Why is it that I have no real problem with tailgaters? Can it be that I pay attention, and if someone comes up on me fast, I move over for the person?

    (By the way, for that rental driver, nice one using your phone camera while operating a moving vehicle, hypocrite.)

  4. Isn’t it crazy what some people think sane driving is? They lie their buttons off telling the world how perfect they are. You want to know something? If a car is cutting you off, constantly! You probably screwed up somewhere. Like almost caused an accident screw up. And you are so clueless that you don’t even realize it until after somebody starts cutting you off constantly and taking pictures.
    Look, if somebody is taking your picture on a highway, you should be pulling off to re-evaluate your situation. You might have something hanging out the door jam of your car. Your trunk might not be secured. You hood might be half open and catching on the safety. Or a tire is falling off. But it will give you a chance just to breath as you look over your car for potential problems.

    Nobody is a perfect driver. We all make mistakes. But just giving yourself a chance to breath will reduce the chances of the mistake on any given day being yours.

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