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Druggy in Elantra Fiending for a Collision

Hyundai Elantra 4VIB
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Maybe the mid-August heat is frying people’s brains, but drivers are absolutely insane on the road these last few days. It’s always a crapshoot whether drivers in L.A. signal for lane changes, but lately these morons aren’t even checking mirrors or blind spots. Just today, we were north on the 405 passing the 101 interchange. Well after the 101 lanes diverged, we figured it was safe to move into the rightmost lane on the 405 N. Then suddenly these jackasses in a white utility truck suddenly yanked their vehicle out of the 101 lanes across solid white painted medians and directly in front of our car. Fortunately, no one was immediately to our left so we were able to avoid the collision. Have people suddenly lost the ability to read signs or lane markings? Then we have imbeciles like the skinny, dark-haired douche in a black tank top who looked like your stereotypical heroin addict driving this crappy Hyundai Elantra (license plate 4VIB), which was cratered and multi-colored from so many crappy bondo jobs. This veering douchebag almost careened into our car while going north on Hazeltine from Ventura in Sherman Oaks. If staying in his lane is a challenge for this guy, then I’m thankful he was driving an Elantra instead of an Expedition. While driving in the same direction, we had to avoid his erratic weaving and tailgating driving habits until we turned off at Magnolia. Well given the sorry state of this guy’s appearance and the upkeep of his shizmobile, it’s clear he gives little care to himself let alone others.

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  1. My cousin is a heroin addict. Maybe that was him.

  2. I saw someone openly smoking a crack stem in the car next to me when I was driving in Calabasas the other day. The noxious crack smoke came into my car and I had to roll the windows up.

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