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Classic Selfish Asinine Parking Jobs in Sherman Oaks

Exhibit A:
Acura 6BAU
Exhibit B:
Toyota Prius 7CPF
Idiocy Meter
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Classic L.A. selfishness was in full display at the Fashion Square Mall parking lot today. The Acura above (license plate 6BAU) was parked right in the middle of two compact parking spots. The Toyota plug-in Prius nearly right across from it (license plate 7CPF) clearly pulled in without giving a second’s thought to straightening itself out. Naturally, one could assume that such egocentric and oblivious behavior shown in something as random as a parking job would be demonstrated in full force as the drivers meander the stores in the mall on a busy weekend. Considerate? I think not. Lazy? Absolutely.

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  1. You need some chalk, so you can draw the “correct” parking spot around these fuckwits, appropriately labelled “asshole parking” (where you’d see “compact”).

    Saw that on the Net somewhere a few weeks ago. Loved it.

  2. This is where a sharp key can come in VERY handy. It’s the only way for these morons to learn, unfortunately.

    My crowning achievement was at work one day. I love telling this story. I work in a very corporate building, with a huge, multi-leveled parking structure. Despite the many spaces, parking is still very limited. There are always three or four people who take up two spots, and they’re almost always large, “luxury” vehicles crammed into these spots labeled “compact”; they don’t want their precious doors dinged.

    Before I went to work this particular day, I was cleaning up in my apartment and I cleaned out my cat’s litter box. With a bag full of my cat’s noxious shit and clumped piss, I walked downstairs to the parking lot where we have our dumpster to throw the bag away… but the dumpster was on the street for pickup. I kept the bag of my cat’s waste in the car and I figured I’d just toss it in the trash can on the way into the office.

    In the parking lot at work, I pass a repeat offender — one of these spoiled little bitches in his/her “luxury” car taking up two spots was a black Mercedes with ugly, tacky rims. Those laughable rims are what make me remember this car. And, I see the window is open on both driver AND passenger sides at least halfway to let the heat of the August sun out.

    With much glee, I finally find a parking spot and walk back down to the ugly Mercedes and the trashy rims… with the bag of dirty cat litter. I open the bag and pour the stinking, foul contents of this bag in the window of this car, watching cat shit bounce and fall all over the leather (pleather?) seats, down into the gear shift slot, and into the cup holders, and all over the carpets. I left it to bake in the hot sun for Mr. Mercedes’ surprise at 5pm.

    It was a great day…. it would have only been made better if I could have seen his reaction.

    Thank you for letting me share this story of my victory. 🙂

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