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Oblivious Aggression Always Increases in the Spring

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Before I address the jackass driving the black Lincoln Navigator above (license plate starts with a 4344), here is a submission we received that we wanted to share with you:

“I certainly share many of your frustrations with other LA drivers. I wanted to submit a scenario that happened to me yesterday. I was driving down Poinsettia Drive heading toward 3rd street (I was coming from Santa Monica Blvd.). The residential intersection of Poinsettia and Clinton does not have a stop sign in the direction I was coming from. However, there is a two way stop sign if you’re traveling on Clinton about to cross over Poinsettia.

I clearly had the right of way, but a young woman ran the stop sign and almost plowed into my front passenger door. She just narrowly avoided hitting me. I blared my horn and screamed at her, but she appeared distracted and started yelling back. I’m pretty sure she had her ear buds in because there is no way a normal person can miss a simple stop sign.

Point being, people need to put their phones down while driving and definitely not have their ear buds in, as that is illegal. Just wanted to share my frustration.”

Ahh, the classic ear bud debate. For those of you who haven’t been following along, the definition of a “headset” is very broad and hasn’t been updated in the vehicle code. Many people refer to headsets as noise-cancelling protective gear that you see construction workers wear while operating heavy machinery. However, others, like myself and quite a few cops who have issued citations accordingly, feel that headphones, ear buds, and the like are included under the definition of headsets and are affected by restrictions regarding wearing headsets and driving. Why else stipulate that having one ear piece in your ear is OK whereas having both ears covered is not?

Needless to say, regardless the distraction, this girl clearly didn’t notice that she had a stop sign, let alone a car approaching from her left. I know this intersection well, as I lived in Park La Brea for a short time when I first moved out here. Just yesterday, my wife and I were hanging around the area, restaurant hopping for my birthday, when we just got fed up with the drivers on the streets and were quickly reminded why I started this blog in the first place so many years ago. With all these minor quakes we’ve been experiencing, we might actually need a decent shaker to get a good number of these oblivious and aggressive asshats out of this town and off our roads.

Speaking of asshats, the dork driving the Lincoln Navigator above was clearly one of them, bumper humping cars all along Los Feliz Blvd. going east during rush hour yesterday late afternoon. What usually results from such egocentric, impatient driving is erratic braking, which makes it worse for us drivers behind a vehicle as large as a Navigator because of our inability to see around its fat ass. It was apparent that the possibility of a rear-ender never occurred to this tailpipe-sucking moron, though the driver is due for a rude awakening when (s)he realizes that even a large SUV will suffer significant damage in any collision resulting from such aggressive driving.

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  1. I realized why the aggression rises in the Spring. It’s when Spring break is over, and these stupid breeders realize they have to pile back into their cars and take their worthless kids to school. They’re miserable and we all have to suffer because they take their misery out on the rest of us on the road.

    I love Spring break because these soulless zombies are off the roads at rush hour times and there is phenomenally less traffic and accidents. Woe is us when their stupid children have to go back to school!

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