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Apathetic Dumbasses Either Ignore or Are Ignorant of the Law

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I just love how if you’re completely clueless and oblivious of others around you in Los Angeles, it’s still the other driver’s fault for honking at you. I’ve been encountering a crap load of this selfish, self-entitled behavior recently….people checking out at red lights that turn green, drivers looking for parking spaces by crawling in the lane without signaling their intentions, drivers checking directions or addresses of buildings without pulling over and blocking entire lanes at 5 mph (also without signaling), dorks who initiate turns only to change their minds in the intersection, holding everyone up as they try to course-correct. OK, I’ll admit that the last two are a tad long-winded, but you get the point. Driving like that is at the very least inconsiderate and oftentimes illegal. You’re also basically advertising to the world that you were dropped on your head one too many times as a baby, clearly a concern for social workers in the City of Angels. If you pull something like that, at least have the saving grace to admit that you’re wrong rather than scowl or shout epithets out your window. Strange how so many of these barking drivers have the patience and dexterity to roll down their windows to curse at you but can’t move a finger to signal. Yes, very strange indeed….

Alas, I digress. The above photo was taken while stopped at Flower and Western in Burbank/Glendale during a day of heavy rain at the end of February. This was taken mid-day around 2 pm, the sky was dark and cloudy, and the rain was coming down at a steady clip. Yet in this smallest sample size of drivers on the street, half of the cars in the photo don’t have their headlights on. Forget the fact that the other half may only have driving/daytime running lights on and not their taillights lit; rather, let’s highlight that only 1 out of the 4 drivers turning in this photo (3 going right, 1 in the left-turn-only lane) was actually signaling for a turn. I’ve lived here full-time for almost six years, and I still can’t fathom why so many Los Angeles drivers seem to behave that they’ll go into anaphylactic shock if they do anything with their signal toggle (including rotating the damn thing to manually turn on their lights). Regarding driving in the rain, I find it hard to believe that this many people driving around in this city still don’t know that it’s the fu*king law to manually (yes, the auto headlight function doesn’t detect rain) turn on your low beam headlights (so that your taillights are also lit, for those with daytime running lights) no matter the time of day whenever your windshield wipers are running. Seriously, how hard is it to do that, people? If these drivers care so much about themselves, as per the previous paragraph, then self-preservation alone should make then want to make their cars more visible in the rain. Bloody idiots….

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