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Assholes Who Give Pickup Truck Owners a Bad Rap

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Though I personally think owning a gas-guzzling behemoth pickup is a waste of money and an abuse of carbon emissions (unless you need it for work or hauling), I understand that everyone has their preferences. I personally know quite a few proud pickup owners who are safe, considerate drivers and who just love the sheer power and torque of their vehicles. If you have the money for the gas, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own such a vehicle solely because you like the way it drives. As it stands right now, these trucks are perfectly legal, though their fuel efficiency has to be greatly improved by 2025.

With that said, bullying assholes like the owner of this Toyota Tundra give such pickup truck owners a bad name. We were traveling north on the 101 around Woodland Hills on a weekend when traffic was moving along nicely at around 75 mph in the slow lanes. We then noticed this speeding, tailgating jackass trying to intimidate other drivers with his pickup which conveniently had no plates, though there was a sizable dent to its rear right bumper. This douche bag got a new truck, and he already fracked it up? Not surprising, considering how he was zig-zagging and cutting off drivers without signaling. I would put money down that this guy uses his truck to compensate for his chapstick-sized dick rather than for work or hauling cargo/recreational vehicles.

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  1. I don’t mind pickups or SUVs as a whole, but the jacked-up trucks are usually driven by the most annoying, aggressive idiots. And you’re right, they usually are trying to compensate for something lacking in their lives – low self-esteem, small penis, low IQ, you name it. These drivers think their big whack-job of a truck makes them look like they’re king of the road, but most of them are really just insecure little asswipes with mental problems and anger management issues.

  2. It’s the 99.9% shitheads that give the .1% of good pickup drivers a bad name.
    Seriously. Almost all of them are asshats. Period.

    If you watch Cops or any show like that, the biggest dickheads are the pickup drivers. In most prostitution stings pickups are the single most common vehicle used by these lowlifes.

    Murderers drive more pickups, deadbeat dads, rapists, you name it. Most are pickup drivers.

  3. I live in the country and I gotta say that pickup truck drivers drive like assholes – always; every single one of them. Rage issues? Neglected by their daddies? Inferiority complexes?

    Have yet to see one exception. Losers.

  4. Pickup drivers in LA without question are THE worst assholes on four wheels……
    I also ride a motorbike and have been run off the road so many times by these redneck douchbags, who flash their lights in the carpool lane for me to get out of way when I am going 75mph!!
    They pull right up to my back wheel when I’m stopped at a light and just veer into any lane that is open without any warning…..
    Its almost like you need an asshole license just to drive a pickup truck in LA.

  5. sorry haven’t yet seen a pickup driver yet who doesn’t live up to the asshole label – all are inconsiderate of other drivers, consistently cut people off, speed like they are the way to a fire (more likely driving away from one they started), etc. absolute dickheads (although they doubtlessly have tiny ones)

  6. Pick-up drivers are pathetic. They evidently think only their dollars went to build the roads. Did those people have an unhappy childhood? My guess is that they’re the “little boy in the big car” type. They drive an oversize “kick-up” truck and tailgate people who are overtaking cars in the 50-mph lane. Those drivers are going the speed limit, but they don’t think they’re going fast enough. They get 6-8 inches off their rear window while they’re probably getting inspiration from their hillbilly music. They try to stare their “victim” down in their side view mirror and stay parked there like they’re glued to their rear axle, expecting them to inconvenience themselves by getting over behind the 50 mph people so they can zip by and tailgate somebody else. Makes them feel important, I guess. If they don’t get their way, they throw a temper tantrum. They angrily whip out into the slow lane, then “get even” by slicing back over a few inches off the “offending car’s” front bumper because, aw shuckins, somebody’s been MEAN to them. For some reason, there never is a police car around when they’re pulling their stunts. Could it be the “citizens’ finest” rank among kick-up drivers themselves? Seems to me they could stop bothering people and just go home and put a pout on their childish face and suck their thumb.

  7. Clearly, a pickup driver thinks only his tax dollars went into building the roads. That’s the same as saying he thinks he “owns the road.” This is the “little man in the big car.” A word of caution, however. There’s an old adage: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in high places.” In this case, the word “stupid” doesn’t denote a level of intelligence (in most cases, anyway) – it’s more on a par with a deficient mentality and shoddy depth of character. A “high place” correlates here to a form of power, such as the temporary advantage such an imbecile derives from wielding a much larger vehicle than an ordinary sedan. And make no mistake about it – it is power, which, together with that comparatively massive vehicle, serves to make a typical pickup driver a serious, reckless, potentially deadly nuisance and menace. These people are psychotic, pathetic. On the plus side, each occurrence is short-lived, and it’s the only kind of false “power” such a person is ever likely to know. Temporary though it might be, however, it’s a grave concern. He’s not just a jerk. Such an idiot is a bona fide hazard and death threat. This person possesses what could be termed the “pickup driver mentality” – approximately the maturity level of an 8-year-old with anger issues. It’s unusual to drive even a few miles without encountering at least one of these characters in his oversize vehicle. I’ve often observed a car going the speed limit, overtaking and passing vehicles in the slow lane. Inevitably, a pickup driver shows up in excess of the speed limit who doesn’t think that car is going fast enough. He pretends to be in a hurry, but he couldn’t be because he insists on doing things the hard way. Although it would be simple to pull over into the right lane and be on his way, he quickly recognizes his chance to “show ‘em who’s boss and claim that left lane.” His technique is usually to position his grill to fill up that car’s rear view mirror. He will try to intimidate the other driver by staring him down in his side view mirror, expecting him to inconvenience himself by slowing down and creating an additional hazard by pulling over behind the 50 mph cars so the pickup driver can zip by above the speed limit and tailgate somebody else. If he doesn’t get his way, he’s likely to throw a temper tantrum. He’ll furiously whip over into the slow lane and accelerate. With a pout and a sneer on his face, he’ll “get even” by pulling up a few inches behind the next slow lane vehicle. He’ll then slice back over a few inches off the “offending car’s” front bumper to “teach him a lesson.” Why do they do this? The answer is because they CAN. The average pickup driver plainly has an inferiority complex. I suppose his behavior betrays his attempt to compensate, which in this case is equivalent to “retaliate.” Seems to me such a moron ought to be required to park his gas guzzler at home and sit in his room and suck his thumb or play with something out of his toy chest until he can arrange for professional help to get through his anger and self-esteem issues. A radar detector must be standard equipment on a pickup because police cars are always absent when they’re pulling their stunts.

  8. They’re awful, but not as terrible as fuckrags who want to control everybody else under the phony guise of “carbon emissions”.

  9. Well said trey Kempf. I’m surprised law enforcement hasn’t begun cracking-down on these idiots. There are so many sites complaining about them but the boys in DC don’t want to ruin their morning coffee by listening to all the complaints. As long as there is taxes then they will get paid.

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