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Incessant Senior Tailgating in Old Honda Civic

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Here’s a submission I received from one of our regulars:

“I’ll never understand why people in 20 mph traffic feel the need to bumper hump others. For example, look in my rear view mirror. My truck is stock height, not even a 4×4. See the red spec? That is the roof of a mid-90s Honda Civic being driven by a guy who could pass as Santa, beard and all. What the hell is he tailing me so close? Your guess is as good as mine but this is one of my major pet peeves. As I expected, when I moved over, he bumper humped the car that was in front of me which confirmed my thought of him being not all there.”

Incessant tailgating, whether it’s clueless or intentionally aggressive, is a serious problem in this town and the number #1 reason why we have so many multi-vehicular accidents. People here are spoiled by their large streets…try driving on smaller, more congested roads in San Francisco or New York. Spread out people…give other drivers some room, especially if there is absolutely no reward and all risk to sucking on someone’s tailpipe in heavy rush hour traffic.

5 Responses to “Incessant Senior Tailgating in Old Honda Civic”

  1. Are you retarded or just very slow? I can’t tell.

    First, if it’s slow moving traffic like this, everyone is going to be right next to each other. Look at the black car on the right, it’s also, by your definition, tailgating the car in front of it.

    Have you never been in a situation when a car was that cloes to you before? It must be because you drive a truck, and all truck drivers are known as insecure with small dicks. So the reason you got one was to intimidate other drivers and when this one wasn’t bowing to your shitty vehicle, you lost your temper.

    You were probably humping the bumper right in front of you. Fucking insecure hypocrite. Grow up kid.

  2. I believe the tailgating was occurring while the cars were in motion, and the driver here took the photo when it was safe to do so. However, it does emphasize that point that people in this town in general (pickups and non-pickups alike) tend to stop way either way too close to the vehicle in front of them. Of course, there are the few daydreamers who leave 50 feet in front of them, but for the most part, drivers don’t know how to keep a safe distance regardless if their car is moving.

  3. Talk about insecure, hiding behind anonymity and generalizing all truck drivers by 1 picture. Using your logic, your better half ran off with one of these truck drivers and you’re mad at the world’s truck drivers. I got 2 words for people like you. Job security. Life’s too short to go around acting pissed off at everyone.

  4. You have beautiful hands.

  5. That doesn’t look like tailgating, or at least not aggregiously close). You can get closer in slow traffic because the stop distance is short. Also if you lag behind in slow traffic then lane jumpers (esp self absorbed ones) will move in and lag TOO, letting MORE lane jumpers in.

    I simply do NOT have a chronic tailgater problem like so many CALIFORNIANS complain of.

    1. I am reasonable.
    2. I move over for faster cars. I don’t feel like royalty on parade.

    I do get the occasional tailgater but it is not a chronic problem
    .. nothing I would write about on the net, adding to the false hysteria). I am convinced that Californians with these alleged tailgate problems are unreasonable & precious by nature and/or they are passing lane & carpool lane sloths and can’t (won’t?) understand other people are on other business or other personal wavelengths and shouldn’t be forced to conform to YOUR personal level and not avail themselves of the CLEAR ROAD in front of the sloth. Sloths have control issues if they know others would like to access the CLEAR ROAD ahead but instead of moving over, they slow more on purpose. I am nearly convinced that people PLAGUED by alleged tailgaters have one form or another of control issues. They have the single minded, unrealistic feeling that “being there first” entitles them not to have to cooperate and therefore can hold up someone else’s progress or personal mode.

    That’s a lot said about one picture in traffic that you cannot move over for, but it always ties together.

    (Please excuse typos. I don’t know if I caught them all.)
    (And I hope this gets published.. nothing I submit in all fairness shows up).

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