L.A. Can't Drive » Toyota Pri-Ass Reinforces Negative Stereotype of Prius Drivers

Toyota Pri-Ass Reinforces Negative Stereotype of Prius Drivers

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Prius drivers in Los Angeles have gotten a bad rap mainly due to Pri-asses like the aggressive middle-aged douche with white hair driving like a zigzagging tool on the 101 Fwy N during early afternoon rush hour. His incessant weaving saved him literally zero time on his commute given that we both exited at Woodman, and he ended up being in front of me at a subsequent red light. Oh, and I didn’t drive like a bat outta hell. At least he was signaling, unlike the tailgating douche in a green Range Rover behind me today who somehow felt compelled to change lanes to his left and pass me and the car in front of me, only to cut back into our lane to exit a few hundred yards later. Seriously, what do these people think they’re achieving driving like sheep fuc*ers? The guy in the Range Rover was a younger dude in his early 20s, texting away on his cell phone and listening to music with headphones in both ears (again, illegal, though some of you think that’s a gray area of the law).

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  1. Prius is awesome! I love mine! It’s fast, nimble, environmentally responsible, cute as a button, comfortable on long rides, has lots of room and the Prius’ kick ass JBL audio will rattle your windows as I zoom by!😀

    As far as I’m concerned, and lots of other people for that matter, the Prius is the perfect car.

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