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The Domino Effect Behind Asinine Parking

BMW SUV 6JIL, Toyota Rav4 6PQV
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Here’s a good example of the domino effect of lazy idiocy that happens way too often in this town. This was taken on a weekday just before 8 p.m. Rush hour traffic had tapered off somewhat, so the post-work shopping crowd was thinning, though the parking lots were still busy. With that said, the driver of the BMW SUV (license plate 5JIL) was too much in a rush to park and get his/her groceries to straighten out his/her vehicle at this busy Sherman Oaks Trader Joe’s by Hazeltine and Riverside. Parking spots are scarce and relatively narrow here, so only apathetic, selfish assholes park like this. Speaking of inconsiderate drivers, the brunette driving the Toyota Rav4 (license plate 6PQV) pulled in right when I was taking this photo. She even looked back at me when she got out of her car. Hmm, even with that level of awareness, she clearly didn’t think it was a big deal to also park like a lazy jackass (no, she didn’t bother adjusting her vehicle, either). Just because the person next to you is parked like an asshole shouldn’t give you license to park the same way if you can help it….and yes, she could’ve helped it, especially given that the space on her right was a shopping cart return area. Seriously, was she afraid that the railing was going to ding her car? It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to quickly adjust one’s vehicle appropriately in a parking spot–even a narrow one. Let’s not reinforce this L.A. me-first mentality and at least make the effort to park straight.

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  1. I see this constantly. This “there’s-no-one-else-of-any-importance-in-the-world-but-me” mentality is infuriating.

  2. When this happens I purposefully get as close as i can to the side of the lopsided car so they CANNOT get in on the drivers side. They have to get in on the passenger side and climb over.

  3. I’m always afraid of some vindictive, tunnel-visioned prick just opening his/her door in a rage after climbing in and dinging the crap out of my car. And we all know that that happens way too often in this town.

  4. Luckily, I drive a dilapidated old car. So when I pin my car against their driver’s side door like scooned up there, they can do their worst… hell, my car is so bad they could only make an improvement! I call it my NTL car, Nothing To Lose.

  5. Oh, I know! It’s also grating when the only spot open is a butchered spot. So you take it. And when you come out, the original asshole is gone and so is mostly everyone. And the only one left is you and it looks like YOU parked that way in the first place for no reason.

    Once at college, the only spot left was taken up by a car straddling the line (it was not a domino effect… he was taking up two spaces free and clear.). I waved over a parking police officer i his golf cart (who are renowned for being ticket happy… the only reason they are patrolling in the first place). But the asshole wouldn’t ticket the car. I said earnestly (I was nice to the renta-cop, not demanding or rude) I said the car is taking up two spaces but has only a paid permit for ONE spot, and it’s unfair to students coming in to see something like that. He still wouldn’t ticket the car.

    Native Californians who grew up here and never lived anywhere else have a real fucked up sense of right and wrong. They only have principles if it benefits them in the here-and-now.

  6. I do the same as “scooned”, except I don’t PURPOSEFULLY get close to their driver’s door, but if I have to to fit into the space properly, I will. Then I leave my dash cams on and maybe snap a pic of their plate # or write it down, in case of a scenario like in the author’s comment or they hit me while pulling out.

    “Just Me” has a good point as well, though.

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