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Leapfrogging in Light Traffic Is Just Aggressive Idiocy

Toyota 6M29
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Why is there traffic at 11:15 in the morning on the 101 Fwy? It’s because of assholish leapfrogging drivers like the lady smoking a cigarette and ashing out her window in the Toyota pickup truck behind me (license plate 6M29) and the SUV behind her. Illogical, selfish pricks like these two drivers are major factors as to why there is such lingering post morning rush hour traffic on our freeways. These particular douches actually stopped traffic completely in the 101 Fwy N through lane as they insisted on cutting into the 405 Fwy S interchange lane at the last possible second (without signaling, of course). Would it really have killed these drivers to have merged into the appropriate lane sooner? Egocentric dumbasses….

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  1. I wonder if it’s possible to tell the difference between someone who simply has no clue where they’re going and someone who is leapfrogging in selfishness?

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