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Leapfrogging Lady in Honda in Light Traffic

Honda Accord 6LCS
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Alright lady in the Honda Accord (license plate 6LCS), where’s the friggen fire? Traffic was blissfully light in the late morning, yet this biatch felt the need to use the curb lane for parked cars on Burbank Blvd. to leapfrog past a couple cars at the intersection at Van Nuys. When the light turned green, I saw her blow by me to my right, which made me believe that she’s somehow allergic to slowing down to a stop for red lights and wanted to gamble that the light would turn green by the time she reached the intersection if she zipped by in the curb lane. Seriously, who does that? What’s the point? For fun? Is it a game? What if she hit a pedestrian who was crossing the street? What if she failed to time the light correctly and barreled into another vehicle going north on Van Nuys? This apathetic toolbag then proceeded to cut drivers off without signaling and started speeding off as fast as she could, though she didn’t get anywhere fast because–oh, look at that!–there was another red light a block later (and another block later, and yet another block later). These people will never learn that the risk of driving like a chicken with its head cut off is never worth any possible reward because more often than not these people shave off zero consequential minutes to their day. Hell, all she would need to do is wipe her ass a few less times after she sh*ts to make up for any seconds she thinks she would be losing for driving a bit more sanely on the road.

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  1. I remember catching a similar deal involving a Mercedes SUV who stopped in a curb lane at a red light and floored it to leapfrog past a few cars (sans signal of course), but I’m not sure if I saved the video as it probably didn’t seem interesting enough at the time. If I find it I’ll be sure to submit!

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