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Puzzling Leapfrogging Brunette in Range Rover Still Signals and Yields to Other Drivers

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In the spirit of full disclosure, I couldn’t really figure out the brunette in her early 40’s driving this white Range Rover (vanity license plate LDY). I initially pegged her as a stereotypical, egocentric, aggressive L.A. driver in morning rush hour traffic when she zipped out from behind me while going south on Laurel Canyon just north of Mulholland and leapfrogged past three cars using the right-turn-only lane before cutting back into the single southbound through lane. Selfish L.A. commuters pull this crap all the time, which does nothing but slow traffic for everyone by creating a lot of unnecessary braking and at times obstructing the right-turn-only lane entirely. What this lady did was especially pointless given that she only passed three cars, risked a collision in doing so, and ended up just cruising along several miles south in the single southbound lane a mere feet in front of the cars she just passed.

But once we reached West Hollywood, where Laurel Canyon turns into Crescent Heights, I noticed that she signaled for every turn or lane change, wasn’t tailgating, and even held up her vehicle to allow for another commuter to exit a condo complex driveway. It was almost as if I had encountered a real life Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario. I doubt the driver was absolutely clueless with what she was doing when she was leapfrogging earlier because all the turns she was taking all along West Hollywood (we were traveling the same route) was something only regular commuters would know. Perhaps leapfrogging at this juncture is this lady’s only vice, which to be honest I would accept given how she was driving the rest of the way. With that, I leave a minimal rating on both meters and leave it up to you to decide.

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  1. I thought of you (us) the other day when we were headed back into the Valley (from Hollywood) via Laurel Cyn: I watched a woman texting the ENTIRE length of Laurel–from Hollywood Blvd to Ventura Blvd. She didn’t put her phone down the entire time…

  2. God, isn’t that irritating? insane….

  3. Ugh. I actually turn right from that lane, and often get infuriated when cars pull this.
    I don’t even want to think about what next week will bring with all the kids back in school….

  4. Katelyn, speaking of kids back in school… the fact that these selfish pigs had ugly, mouthbreathing sex with eachother and spawned a disgusting, squealing child that witnesses this fuckery their parents pull on the way to their school and will no doubt grow up to be even more of an entitled prick than both of their parents combined grosses me out the most. I have to laugh, otherwise I’ll cry.

  5. Honestly, this almost sounds like me. Almost. I definitely don’t pull this leapfrogging crap, especially not by illegal means like in this example, but I sometimes do things aggressive drivers do (such as speeding and mild weaving) while also staying courteous by not tailgating, signaling when other drivers would be inconvenienced or annoyed by a lack of doing so, and yielding to other drivers even though I am almost never on the receiving end. Showing courtesy both in and out of the car is just how I operate.

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