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Non-Handicapped Arrogant Lady Refuses to Move Out of Handicap Parking Spot

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Here’s a submission regarding blatant arrogance and apathy over handicap parking space abuse:

“I had originally meant to have submitted this when I first took the photo. This was taken back in February at the Outlets in Monrovia. My aunt wanted to take us to see if we could find some good deals (I did find a cheap Blu Ray player!). So me, my aunt and parents all went. Parking was sparse that day so she and my parents got dropped off while I went to go find a far off parking spot. Everyone in that car save for me was a senior. They waited for me at the entrance, and we see this Land Rover just come right in and park in a free handicapped spot. A well-dressed woman and her high school daughter (very much NOT handicapped, either of them) get out of the SUV and start to walk in. By this time, my aunt is getting pissed. She *has* a handicap placard but thought it would be easy enough for me to drop them off at the entrance instead (leaving only me to walk the distance). Confronting the woman, my aunt demands why she parked there. “Oh, it’s not clearly marked” and brushes off my aunt. There’s blue parking lines, handicap symbol, how’s that not clearly marked?”

Not like this lady (Land Rover Discovery, license plate 5HST) really cared, but stating that a space isn’t clearly marked isn’t exactly a valid excuse if you get cited for parking in a handicap parking space without proper plates or a placard. And you have to be blind as a bat not to see those painted blue lines and the handicap symbol on the pavement. What bothered me more is this lady’s sense of entitlement and complete laziness in that she wouldn’t just apologize, get back into her vehicle, and move to a valid parking spot. Fine lesson you’re teaching your daughter there….and the idiots and assholes just keep on breeding.

2 Responses to “Non-Handicapped Arrogant Lady Refuses to Move Out of Handicap Parking Spot”

  1. You should have slashed her tires after she went into the store. What a stupid bitch.

  2. I had similar happen to me. I am the caretaker and driver for a handicapped man. He is blind, had brain surgery and had two strokes while on the OR table while having brain surgery. The event happened at a Jersey Mike’s on Airport Blvd, Mobile Alabama. I saw the lady park her car half over the line of a HC parking spot in front of the door of the establishment. I asked her to move her vehicle, a white Mustang. She refused and accused me of harassment. I asked the employees to call the police to have her cited and removed form said HC parking, and they refused to stop the abuse and criminal activities. They did not call the police, but instead served her.

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