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Does Your Dog Drive a Stick Shift, Too?

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There really isn’t much to say about this one, other than here we have another moronic L.A. driver illegally driving with a dog in his lap–surprise, surprise. Some people in L.A. like to think that the populace here is just more laid back and consequently don’t think these issues regarding safety are a big deal. Chill out, dude, right? Wrong. Newsflash: You’re not being nonchalant and laid back; rather, you’re being stupid, narrow-minded, and passively stubborn. I might also add that you’re blatantly breaking the law. Anyway, let’s see if this guy in this Toyota Matrix (license plate 5GDW) will still be wearing his dim-witted grin as his dog flies out the window in the event that he has to suddenly brake to avoid an accident. Such an accident is also much more likely to occur in this case given that his pooch was literally blocking all vision on his left side, including his sideview mirror. I snapped this coming home from work on Beverly Glen in Westwood.

12 Responses to “Does Your Dog Drive a Stick Shift, Too?”

  1. My girlfriend recently got a dog (Yorkie). I told her clearly, that dog belongs in the kennel, passenger side floor, or the backseats. Never put it on your lap. Dogs can get annoying especially if they are hyper and want your attention. I would see why this is a dangerous thing to do on placing it on your lap.

  2. I guess this also depends on where you live. I live in rural MO and it would be weird to not drive with your dog on your lap, but I have never been to LA much less had to drive there so I can imagine your frustration.

  3. Here’s another one of those situations when you’re “uptight” for pointing out that the dog is in danger. And then when the dog dies in an accident, you’re “insensitive” because you said “I told you so.”

  4. Correct although she did agree with me which saved me from going through that whole scenario.

  5. What would exploded dog guts look like on this guy’s shirt and on his face, if for some reason, he should rear end another car and his airbag goes off??!! I wouldn’t want to be the one to have to clean that one up! Doggie for dinner! Tastes like chicken!

  6. It’s illegal to drive with a dog in your lap in California.

  7. Aubrey, how is it uptight to point out that a dog is in danger? There’s nothing uptight about pointing out a law that has clear, obvious safety implications for people in the vehicle and other drivers/pedestrians/etc. out of the vehicle. Frankly, the dog shouldn’t be in this situation to begin with, so I don’t see where I’m being insensitive. Quite frankly, any dog in any car would be in danger in a car accident, regardless if the dog is on a driver’s lap or not. The only difference is a dog flying out the window is a visual we’d all like to avoid witnessing firsthand. Just remember that the law about dogs on drivers’ laps wasn’t passed to ensure the safety of the dogs–it was passed to protect the drivers on the road.

  8. Hold on now, we are on the same side here. I’m saying that the person who puts the dog in their lap would say that someone is uptight for scolding them for it.

  9. I think nobody would want a dog flying out the car except the person Aubrey is trying to make an example of.

  10. Exactly; I was being sarcastic. Frankly, it’s pretty similar to the people that roll their eyes when you ask that they put on a seatbelt in your car. They think you’re uptight until they go flying through your windshield.

  11. Ahh, got it. Saw a few more driving dogs today in the hot hot hot valley.

  12. I think there is no problem if we drive with a dog in our lap. But we have to be a little bit careful.

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