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Clarifications About Parking Near Intersections and Stop Signs

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding parking near intersections. My general understanding was that you had to be 10-15 feet from the intersection before you could park against the curb. I knew that you had to be a certain distance away from a posted stop sign, regardless of whether a curb is painted red, so the black Nissan SUV and the silver sedan behind it are pretty much parking illegally, though I see this all the time here (in Burbank, by Kling and Clybourn) without citations on windshields.  But what about parking near the intersection itself, regardless of a stop sign? Well, I decided to look up what the California Vehicle Code had to say about this, and v.c. 22500 (a) states that parking is prohibited  “within an intersection, except adjacent to curbs as may be permitted by local ordinance.” Hmm, not completely clear. So what does the City of Burbank have to say about all of this? 6-1-1029 (b) states that parking or stopping is prohibited “at any place within fifteen (15) feet of an intersection or curb return, except that a bus or taxicab may stop at a designated bus or taxicab stop.” Aha! So there, you have it. And even if you didn’t know the letter of the law, wouldn’t you think that parking at an angle, essentially tangent to the corner of a block (regardless of whether or not it is curved), is a bad idea or at the very least something traffic cops wouldn’t approve of? FYI, the Burbank code says that you can’t park within 25 feet of a stop sign, but so much for that regulation being enforced. Might as well make it illegal to wear tight spandex if the circumference of your thighs rival that of a small baby seal.  Alas, we must all still endure such retinal hernias.  Anyway, all this talk about parking near intersections is moot, since this corner-hugging Nissan was parked less than 15 feet away from the orange fire hydrant. If a cop really wanted to be picky, he could’ve cited this guy for two violations for the price of one lazy-ass parking job. Parking isn’t scarce in these parts as long as you’re willing to walk a couple hundred feet.

5 Responses to “Clarifications About Parking Near Intersections and Stop Signs”

  1. Dude seriously? This guy only gets 2 asshole points for parking WITHIN an intersection?? You don’t need any legal research to tell you that’s a douche move.

  2. I personally agree with you, but again in relation to all the other things featured on this site….at least the car wasn’t moving :).

  3. I can’t find any info about this: is there a required space that must be left when parking near an intersection, and if so, what distance from the intersection?

  4. I believe it’s ten feet

  5. Okay, Burbank is clear. What about Los Angeles?

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