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Playing the Guitar and Singing on the Freeway

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People routinely ask me what’s the worst driving I’ve witnessed in L.A.  Many of you have seen your fair share of asinine driving behavior on this site, but this submission definitely deserves to be among the worst drivers ever.

“We were driving to Disneyland last Sunday (or two ago).  On the 5 Fwy we saw this guy playing the guitar and singing while driving!  It was a good 45 MPH traffic!  We figured we’d send you the pics.”

It’s been awhile since we’ve given a driver full marks for idiotic and assholish behavior, but this retard deserves this honor bar none.  I few years ago, someone submitted a story of someone on the freeway practicing the ukulele, steering with his knees while looking at what probably was sheet music on the passenger seat.  Maybe this is the same guy….

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  1. Be glad he wasn’t playing the tuba or the drums! LOL!

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