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When It’s Dark or Raining, Manually Turn on Your Low Beam Headlights

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We’re getting our first big rain today, so I feel it necessary to remind everyone that by California State law, you must have your low beam headlights on at all times of the day when your windshield wipers are in operation.  Driving lights, parking lights, and fog lights do not count.  People, do not get dependent on your vehicle turning on its headlights for you.  Many cars have driving lights that are the same strength as your low beam headlights, except for the fact that your taillights do not go on.  In this submission, taken on the 5 Fwy northbound in Valencia, the woman driving this Mercedes clearly doesn’t understand that parking lights are not sufficient for driving at night, especially on the freeway.  It’s not a difficult concept guys…when it’s dark or raining, turn your headlights on.  Period.  End of discussion.  It’s like wiping your ass after you sh*t; it should be second nature.

12 Responses to “When It’s Dark or Raining, Manually Turn on Your Low Beam Headlights”

  1. It’s also a good time to walk around your car to check headlights, parking lights, side markers, brake lights, high mount stop light, turn signals, license lights, Etc.

    Replacing burned out bulbs

    makes your car look better

    makes your car more visable

    will prevent a traffic stop for a B/O light required by law.


  2. I was at Walmart, Carl Boyer Drive yesterday and saw a lot of people in the auto shop replacing their wiper blades! Good job, people!

    As for the morons that are blacked out, these are the same idiots that think they are above the law with their cell phones. I see them all the time and the funny thing is, they think they are “hiding” behind their tinted windows (which are illegal too!)

  3. NWB, someone actually stopped me in a parking lot and politely asked if I could tell him if his brake lights are working when he gets in the car. Naturally, I obliged.

  4. This is the exact same thing i was talking about with my friends since yestreday…it really isn’t that hard to turn on your lights people. and I said the exact words of “if your wipers are on, your lights must be on” too…thats kinda funny…but seriously, its not hard at all!. and the lady in the benz, come on, that is why they have an “Auto” function on the cars and I know that the sensors work wonderful if its an ’05 or more recent. I wish more people would take back their nice luxury cars to the dealers and tell them that they do not deserve it because they don’t know how to operate the light control switch. =(

  5. David, kudos for talking about this with your friends. FYI, my vehicle has an Auto function that works well in dim light or at night, but no Auto function can help you in the rain. Maybe car manufacturers can develop rain sensors that will turn the headlights on when the windshield wipers are in operation. The feature would not be active when the car is in neutral (eg. car washes), or when the wipers are only used for a few seconds (ie. spraying and cleaning a bug from the windshield). Just a thought, though it may just handicap the mental aptitude of the drivers in this country even more.

  6. Re: auto function for lights when wipers are on. My 2007 Pontiac G6 has such a function. When the wipers are on for more than 20 seconds or so (I haven’t timed it) the lights come on (headlights AND taillights).

  7. Seems on my way home from work, I run into at least one moron without their lights on in the black of night.

  8. One would be lucky…when I lived in the heart of L.A., I saw at least half a dozen on any given night.

  9. So do you like high beam them Mike? I usually do that if they’re on the opposing lane of traffic. 🙂

  10. …Period. End of discussion. It’s like wiping your ass after you sh*t; it should be second nature.

    Or washing one’s hands afterward, now there’s a fertile ground for discussion!

  11. Ken, I do flash my high beams if they’re in the opposite lane on a surface street (not the freeway) and if there’s no one directly in front of me. I will flash behind someone on the freeway without any headlights on, though.

    NWB, I almost used that analogy, though way too many people don’t wash their hands BY CONSCIOUS CHOICE after using the bathroom. Never grab those restaurant mints!

  12. I saw so many cars around Santa Clarita valley last night with NO HEADLIGHTS on at all. This was around 8:30pm at the Target shopping center on Golden Valley Road. One of the motorists actually pulled out onto GVR after navigating in the dark with no lights in the parking lot by Panera. So shocking, but these days it is becoming more common around here.
    There is so much lawlessness here in Santa Clarita, NOT ENOUGH DONUT SHOPS!
    (OK, it’s been awhile, you guys were due for that!)

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