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Parking on Curb and Obstructing Driveway

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My day job just moved offices from Beverly Hills to Brentwood, and boy do I see some whacky parking jobs in these parts.  This photo of this Lexus RX300 SUV was taken on Goshen Ave., a couple of blocks east of Bundy.  Not only were both tires on the right side on the curb, but the vehicle was at least 2 feet in front of the driveway.  First of all, if the parking space is too small, then find somewhere else to park.  Or better yet, why don’t you just drive a smaller vehicle?  The driver also probably parked partially on the curb to avoid getting sideswiped by passing vehicles.  Guess what, buddy?  You’re not the only one parking a large vehicle like a truck or SUV, yet you seem to be the only one in the immediate vicinity parked on the curb.  Again, may I suggest just driving a smaller vehicle rather than trying to have your cake and eat it, too?  I think it’s important to point out that there were citations left on windshields of other vehicles on the other side of the street that ignored the no parking between 12 and 3 pm signs; however, no one issued a ticket to this vehicle for parking on the curb and blocking a driveway.  I will say that the obstruction of the driveway seems to be minor; however, if a buddy of mine got a ticket once for parking less than a foot into where the sidewalk starts to slope downwards for a driveway, then this person certainly deserves a citation for the same offense.  Don’t you love it when law enforcement officials just reinforce negative behavior?

6 Responses to “Parking on Curb and Obstructing Driveway”

  1. not to mention.. how the hell is that guy behind him going to escape?

  2. And how is the guy behind this moron supposed to get out? It looks like this guy is right on top of his front bumper. Wtih the arrogance of these idiots it is a wonder how they survived day-to-day.

    I see “big brown” across the street managed to find a space big enough!

  3. what? how is that obstructing the driveway? the shadow of his vehicle perhaps might be in the way but he appears to have left more than enough room for the driveway (which is most likely a double width driveway anyway)

  4. camera angles, my friend, though it certainly wasn’t as bad as other parking jobs (hence the low ratings). more importantly, the vehicle is parked on the curb and completely blocking in the vehicle behind it, as other comments have pointed out. anyway, i’ve see cars ticketed for less with regards to your sentiment about driveway obstruction.

  5. So Simon, as long as I can squeeze my vehicle between cars parked on the edge of the driveway then it’s OK? How many inches on each side of my car is acceptable? My Moron neighbor decided to start parking like this over my driveway so I get to play chicken every time I back out. Of course if I hit her car it will be MY fault. Those things on the side of the driveway are called “aprons” and you shouldn’t park in front of them, idiots!

  6. This happens from time to time with my driveway. I’ve called parking enforcement and they give me the option to:
    1) Ticket the vehicle.
    2) Ticket and Tow the vehicle.

    They are pretty quick about coming out to put the requested citation on the vehicle.

    Drivers who park like this make it a challenge for me to pull into my driveway from the street as well as reverse my car out of the driveway.

    Leaving a note on someones car isn’t effective and a waste of time and paper. Having parking enforcement come out to leave a ticket works. If it’s really bad, request to have the car ticketed and towed.

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