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Must Obey Yellow Lines at ALL COSTS!

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That red SUV in the carpool lane to the left of the photo is about 10 feet behind the car directly in front of him. Both cars are traveling at least 75-80 MPH. Perhaps he’s pissed that he can’t pass the car in front of him because he’s trapped to the left of a double yellow line. Forget the fact that the carpool lane is traveling faster than other lane on the highway. It’s Thanksgiving! Relax! Strange how one chooses to break the law by unsafely tailgating on the highway at top velocities, but chooses to obey the law by fearing two little yellow lines to the right.

2 Responses to “Must Obey Yellow Lines at ALL COSTS!”

  1. meanwhile…..look in your rear view mirror as I bet you’re blocking a lot of people driving in the fast lane.

  2. I’ll take your assumptions vs. my observations and the observations of many others any day :). Ask yourself, though: What relevance does attacking me or this blog have to dealing with a very real driving problem in L.A. (and in other cities across the U.S.)?

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