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Mr. Invisible Rides a Bike

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So I found out that it’s legal for motorcycles to travel in the carpool lane in California. Whether or not that applies to all HOV lanes in the United States, I have no idea. However, lane-splitting is legal in only ONE state….and that’s California–as if the driving problems particular to LA wasn’t bad enough. But shouldn’t there be a velocity cap that’s makes it illegal for motorcycles to split lanes because it just becomes way too dangerous? This genius was actually splitting lanes AND driving in my blindspot ON THE HIGHWAY. Does someone have a death wish?

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  1. FWIW, lane splitting is not definitively legal in California, it’s merely not specifically outlawed. The CHP allows it, because they do it so much, but even they’ll write you if you’re being an idiot. A motor CHP I talked to in a 7-11 years ago said that splitting anywhere near the speed limit, or splitting more than 10mph faster than car traffic and he’d find something to write you for, probably unsafe lane change.

    And local cops in some cities are seriously zero tolerance on splitting. At the very least they can almost always find justification for “unsafe lane change” or “lane change without signalling”. Which surprises many bikers accustomed to freeway splitting.

    This guy gets bonus deathwish points for the black jacket and black helmet.

  2. Hey Roger, thanks for the post. After reading what you wrote, I dug around for a bit more information. You were pretty dead on….here’s what I found:

    —>Is lane-splitting legal?
    Here’s the text (verbatim) from the CHP’s site: “Lane splitting by motorcycles is permissible under California law but must done in a safe and prudent manner.” The text used to also include “The motorcycle should be traveling no more than 10 mph faster than surrounding traffic (without exceeding the speed limit) and not come close enough to that traffic to cause a collision.” but has since been removed. Perhaps they wanted to give cops more latitude to interpret what they thought was safe so they removed it.

    If you lane split, avoid weaving between the two lanes and don’t exceed traffic speed by more than 10 mph. The former could get you a ticket for changing lanes without signaling while the latter could get you a ticket for reckless driving.

    Your odds of getting ticketed also increase if you lane split between the carpool and fast lane. [Which is what this guy was doing] A double yellow line divides the two lanes and those are illegal to cross (with rare exceptions that would never occur on the freeway); I know of riders who have been specifically ticketed for crossing the double yellow while lane splitting between those lanes.

    Lane splitting on surface streets is probably not addressed in city or county laws so I would do this with caution, as individual cops will decide whether or not they like what they see. I split lanes on surface streets if I don’t see any cops, but I stop immediately if I spot one.

    There’s a little bit of information on “lane sharing” in the DMV Motorcycle handbook. They say to discourage its practice, but never say it’s illegal.< --- The CHP site is vague, as stated: http://www.chp.ca.gov/html/answers.html

  3. As a MCer in NYS I find it difficult to survive traffic as most cage drivers (you know those folks int he four wheeled phone booths) aren’t watching for us. It is of the upmost import that we “drive for two”- paying strict attention to the actions, not intentions, of other drivers around us.

    For the record I’m not a sport bike punk and I don’t drive an earth shatteringly loud HD.

    That being said I’m not sure how I’m supposed to know where your “blind spot” is. I guess car drivers will just have to (*gasp*) look over their shoulder before making a lane change.

  4. For the record, I was in the car and took the photo while Mike was driving, and this guy was riding in our blindspot for a good several minutes. 1) Even the DMV recommends to avoid blindspots while operating any vehicle as much as possible; 2) I don’t think lane-splitting on a double yellow separating the carpool lane with the rest of the freeway for a MC is legal when they can legally drive in the carpool lane itself.

  5. wow
    you are so special.

    who died and left you in charge of controling EVERYTHING and EVERYBODY.

    i’m sure if you had lane changed and hit the bike you would chalk it up to another unsafe biker.

  6. Hey buddy, if you read the posts and actually think it’s ok to drive like that ANYWHERE, forgetting L.A. for the moment, then I hope you’re not around me when I’m on the road.

  7. Just put your camera phone down and drive please.
    It’s up to you to monitor your blind spot.
    If you ever hit me I’d sue you for sure… then I’d use your blog and the little Live Leak video showing you taking a photo over your steering wheel as proof that you use your camera phone while driving.
    With your “I don’t shoot while driving” B.S.!

  8. Hmm, I don’t think this blogger has ever denied that he takes photos while driving, especially since we just saw him do it on CNN. Frankly, telling him to check his blindspot is a bit silly given the fact that he’s constantly talking about people who nearly collide into other vehicles because they don’t check their blindspots. And if you want to ride in someone’s blindspot, be my guest. Personally, I drive a Jeep and avoid blindspots of other vehicles at all costs.

  9. Anyone, whether motorcyclist or “cage-driver” (ooh, burn), who chooses to put themselves in a position where their visibility to another driver is severely limited, when either speeding up or slowing down infinitesimally will make them much more visible, is an idiot. Enjoy feeling self-righteous when another similarly intelligence-challenged driver who isn’t as careful as this blogger plows into you. I’m sure the loss of motor function in your lower extremities will be more than compensated for by knowing that you had the right of way and they should have checked more carefully. And with any luck at all, it’ll keep you from reproducing, so it’s a win-win all around.

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