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Can’t Miss that Exit at All Costs

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One of the strangest things about LA is the lack of exit numbers on the highways, even the interstate highways that go through the county. Yes, they’re starting to put exit numbers up on some freeways, but not nearly fast enough. Here is a case where bad road construction breeds bad habits. Unless you know the order of exits by name only, you often don’t know that your exit is coming up until a big sign tells you that you’re about 2 miles away. Given the lack of attentiveness I’ve seen among the average LA driver, many don’t see their exit is coming up until they’re about 1/2 a mile away. What happens? People wildly crossing a 5-6 lane highway–often without signalling, often crossing two lanes at once, like this asshole who was to my left and is now to my right in a split second. I had to catch up to this jerkoff just so that you can see that he’s also on his cell phone. Way to go junior agent!

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